Softball club Princ was established in 1993. by the name Princ-Dugave, but the name was changed after the club was granted a playground within Sport center Jarun in Zagreb.
The club developed with great help from USA. First club coaches were Cindy and Jeff Warner from USA state Connecticut and under their direction club won National championship and cup in 1995.
During 1996. Croatian clubs were allowed to compete in european cups, so the clubs first appearance was at European Cup Winners Cup in Haarlem, Netherlands. There, the first international victory was realised. Our coach on that competition was an American softball player, coach and umpire Robert Milosavljević from Boston, Massachusetts. Bob managed to improve the play and carry over to the girls his long life experience, and become a great friend of the club and Croatian softball. Since then softball club Princ is appearing in European competitions and tournaments and has become one of the most recognizable and appreciated clubs in Europe.
Sport club Princ Zagreb is continuously producing new players and members of the club, taking care of their further training and developing as players, umpires or scorers.
Also the club is taking great affort in developing infrastructure and constructing their own fields which can be considered national center for softball. Its very own fields were hosting European softball senior championship in 2007., and are today being used for organising tournaments in male and female category.
In 2007. the club is developing younger age categories and till now has invested a lott of effort into children and making the girl players best in their categories.
In 2010. seven out of nine girl players from developing program are part of the Croatian starters  in team junior representation.
In 2011., beside winning Croatian championship, club Princ achieved biggest Croatian succes on European cups. We won 6th place in the European Cup Winners Cup (A group) and our achievement is even bigger knowing the fact that some of our girl players then were just over seventeen.
2012. started by organising fifth Forever Fastpitch tournament. Also, this year will be remembered by organising first softball camp in Croatia for younger age categories – camp was fully organised and held in our own arrangement – to the joy of every player from all partaken clubs. American coach Steve Huff, with the assistance of few home coatches, was leading the camp throw it’s six day duration. Autumn of this years remembers us on winning the triple crown and organising second “Ball Game” tournament as a finish of season 2012.
2013. was another succesful year winning all three crowns in Croatia. Besides that, as the youngest team on European cup, without any american back-up, we are very proud on winnig the 5th place. The same year Softball club Špansko organised youth exchange “EU Softball Style” gathering 60 boys and girls from Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary. Also, we can remember the 2013. by organising two successful international tournaments: Forever Fastpich and Ball game. Ball game was the last tournament of the season, and covering nine teams from five countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy, Hungary) can be seen as the biggest friendly games tournament in Croatia.