Project “Play ball EU style” was held in Zagreb, Croatia on softball fields in the SRC Jarun (Ribicki prilaz bb). Project started on 15.06.2013.,  and lasted until 23.06.2013. The project engage partners from Hungary and Bulgaria. The goal of the project is to educate young people from other partner countries, with non-traditional and informal forms and methods. Each promoter is a group, made up of 14-30 young people of both sexes between 13 and 25 years. Our desire was to provide a framework for young healthy lifestyles, thereby, focusing on the benefits of participation in outdoor activities. The project focused on communication and cooperation of young people who, in their countries, share a common interest in softball. The program combined practical activities and exchange of experience playing softball, mutual encounter partners investigating the differences in cultures, habits, and youth issues. Action facilitated the exchange of knowledge of young people which resulted in the creation of new friendships, build self-esteem and  further supported the creativity of the individual, national understanding and acceptance of different cultures and their values.