The  SportMania youth exchange was held in Zagreb at the sports center Jarun from March 28th – April  3rd, 2015. Participants were from Slovakia, Spain and Croatia. The projects aim was to have  a mutual education of young people on the behaviour in sports, tolerance, team work in non traditional and informal forms and methods of learning. Each project partner sent a group of 16-24 individuals between the ages of 13-25 years old, and both genders where represented in groups. We gave young individuals a framework for a healthy lifestyle while focusing  on the benefits of participation in outdoor sports activities. The project was focused on communication and the cooperation of young people who share the common interest in sports in their countries. The program combined practical activities and the exchange of experiences and approaches in the following sports: softball, rugby, baseball, paintball, trekking and capoiera. In addition to sporting activities at the exchange was encouraged teamwork, work on personal development, exploring differences in cultures and traditions  and other youth problems. This project gave result of knowledge exchange, new friendships, raisement of self-esteem and further support of individual creativity, understanding and acceptance of different cultural values.