Lorena Oreščanin presented her work about softball on: World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport XII

Lorena Oreščanin, player in our club team, presented her science study at the World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport XII which took place in Opatija, September 19. – 23.

She is a student at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology, currently in second year of her studies. As she had to take a year off because of the health issuess she faced, she decided to focus on science study named Comparative kinematic analysis of softball swing in female and male player. “After the class of biomechanics idea came into my mind, I wanted to do the kinematic analysis of softball swing. Lot of ideas were just coming,  and I decided to reach out to izv.prof.dr.sc. Hraski, who has helped me a lot with this science study, if there wasn’t for him this wouldn’t be what it is now.”,she says.

“The purpose of this study was to compare softball swing performance of two athletes, male and female, and comparison of the achieved results with results from previous similar researches. Both players were members of the Croatian national senior team…”

Katarina Prskalo also our player, and male player Dario Guštin from Softball club Medvednica, Zagreb, were the ones who the research was done on, their swings were compared. Some variables were discussed in the study as angular velocities in elbows, angles in the elbows, angles in the knees, kinetic chain in both models and so on.

You can read Lorena’s full study here:


We wish her good luck in her studies and more scientific studies in future!

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