My second month in Croatia started in Sisak, where, along with other members of the Princ Club, I attended a ceremony organized by the association “His print”. This association consists of baseball coaches, mainly Texas, who collect baseball and softball material donated by universities, and bring it to Eastern Europe, where it is complicated or very expensive to get, distribute it free of charge between the attendees and explain Your usual workout routines or exercises on your equipment.

The rest of the month has been in the softball field, by the lake, (Jarun) where I have helped in some training and I have prepared and carried out some myself.
This past week we have been preparing the fields for the start of the season.

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Softball Klub Princ

Softball Klub Princ je osvajač najviše prevenstava i kupova u seniorskoj ženskoj kategoriji. Najveći i najjači je klub s ovih prostora. Uz velika ulaganja i napore u svoje igračice, SK Princ ula...

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