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After months of preparation, Youth Exchange “Sports Xchange” was held in Zagreb, from the 3rd of January until the 11th of January 2017. It involved participating partners from the Czech Republic and Croatia. Each partner was combined in a group of 30 young individuals, mostly between 13 – 18 years old, of both sexes. Young people had the opportunity to play/discover different sports throughout 9 whole days, sports such as baseball, softball, hockey on grass, orienteering, ice skating, badminton and its similar sport, crossminton, paintball, wrestling. In all this sports they explored what kind of sport they like the most, and each sport gave some different aspect of sport. The project enabled to play and take part in sports. Participants became aware of volunteering in sports thanks to different workshops (speed dating, out of the box…) that they set up and worked on. During the exchange they developed respect and awareness for other cultures on intercultural days – Croatian and Czech day made that more possible – they tried traditional food, snacks, drinks and made presentations. They learnt about other European countries on workshops like mapping or world cafe. They enhanced their learning process and improved foreign language skills, main language was english, but they learnt some words on Croatian and Czech. A big success was that participants learnt about themselves, and their behavior, with workshops – Abigale Tale, conflict management and interview. Also, it is important to mention they learnt what Youthpass is, thanks to an interesting workshop (cake youthpass), and what it is for. At the end of the exchange they all received a diploma for participating in the Sport Xchange and got a Youthpass (which will help them in their future). Moreover, this project was a great opportunity to know why sport is good for them, and how volunteering is a good opportunity as well. Everyone had fun, learnt and were involved in something new in all aspects of this project. Thanks again to everyone who was part of the project, organizers, leaders, Erasmus and of course participants!


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