Ball game

Ball Game is a tournament that we have been organizing for many years so far. It is traditionally held in mid-October and most often 7 to 9 teams participate. Teams that are participating are from close European countries like Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Italy but sometimes we have participants from the Netherlands, Sweden and Greece. The tournament is always held on weekends and usually begins on Friday afternoon and lasts until Sunday, where the last games are also played in the afternoon. In two and a half days filled with softball we mannage to play around 25 games!


Date: October 18th – 20th 2024
Place: Softball stadium Princ Zagreb (Jarun)

Payment: 150 € participation fee, or 250 € if you want to have a meal provided  (Saturday & Sunday lunch)

*** If you don’t have a team and you want to compete, we will assign you to a team to play with.
The participation fee is 15 €, or 25 € for games and food (Saturday & Sunday lunch)
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In the club, we develop younger categories through various activities (kids camps, international tournaments, camps for older players, Euroleague), we achieve the goals of the club - committed working with young people to help them adopt healthy lifestyle which also forms the basis of sport life. Achieved trophies and successes are just a reflection of the invested effort.