Club History


Softball Club Princ was founded in 1993. under the Name Princ-Dugave, but the name changed after we were assigned the fields at RSC Jarun in Zagreb. A great Facor throughout the process of developing the club has been the help from the US – the clubs first ever coaches Cindy and Jeff Warner from the state of Connecticut.

1995. - The first victories

A great Facor throughout the process of developing the club has been the help from the US – the clubs first ever coaches Cindy and Jeff Warner from the state of Connecticut. Under their leadership, we’ve won the National Championship and Cup in 1995.

1996. European Cup Winners' Cup

We’ve appeared for the first time at the European CWC in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and there we scored the first victory on an international competition. Our coach for the tournament was the american softball player, coach and referee Robert Milosavljević, who furthered the game and conveyed his experience of many years to our girls.

2001. Growth

SC Princ Zagreb nourishes new players and members of the club throughout many years. The club manages their perfecting  and future evolving as player, referee or scorekeeper.

2002. Relocation from Dugave to Jarun lake

After many years of searching for our own location, we were given the playing fields at SC Jarun Lake.

2nd place at the European Cup Winners' Cup

We've won 2nd place at the European CWC, B category. 18th – 23rd of August 2003., Mannheim, Germany
In this year we've also founded the men's team under the club Princ in Zagreb


The men’s team of Princ has detached into a separate club under the name Softball Club Princ Jarun.


In the Netherlands on the European Cup of Champions B category – 16th-20th of August 2005., we’ve won 3rd place.


In Tuchkovo, Russia we’ve won 2nd place at the European Cup of Champions

2007. Building of the complex

And these fields at SC Princ on Jarun lake were where the European Softball senior championship 2007. was held. Today they are used for organising many of the international tournaments in women’s as well as men’s category.

In the year 2007 SC Princ began it’s a work with younger age ranges. From then until now we are investing in these children so that the girls become the best players in Croatia, in all categories.


Since autumn 2007 we've begun investing in work with children, and 2008 we've held the first official youth tournaments, tournaments for cadetts and so on.

2010. The first Ball game tournament / Junior national team

In 2010. the girls from our developmental program make up most of Croatia’s junior national team; 7 out of 9 of the girls are in the first line up. The first Ball Game tournament is born and organised mid-October.

2011. The best results of all current Croatian teams

We’ve won 6th place at the European Cup Winners’ Cup,  A category. This is the highest result a Croatian club has made on a european tournament to date.

2012. First summer camp

We’ve organised the fist summer camp in Croatia for kids U13 – around 40 kids, 6 coatches and 7 days of pure softball.

2013 Organising of the first international camp

The softball club Špansko has organised an exchange program for young players called EU Softball Style that gathered 60 girls and boys from Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary.

With the Ball Game, organised in October, we’ve ended the season of  2013, where 9 teams from 5 countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy and Hungary) were competing. This is considered the biggest friendly softball tournament in Croatia to date.


We've won 3 championships in Croatia, as well as 1st place at the anew established Interleague. At the Interleague partook 6 Teams (HUN, SVK, CRO) – three tournaments in three countries, all matches won.

2015. BRONZE at the European Cup of Champions

We’ve won 3rd place at the European Cup of Champions, 2+3rd place at the Interleague, with all three crowns in Croatia.

For the first time, we’re partaking at the Baseball league with our youth team.


4th place at the European Cup for Kids U13

We’ve won 4th place at the European Cup for Kids U13, 1st place at EUROLEAGUE, with all three of the crowns in Croatia. We’ve won 5th place at the European Cup of Champions


We have won 2nd place in the European Cup for Kids U13 in Italy, a competition between both clubs and national teams.


For the first time ever, we are gathering a veteran team to train at the club, consisting of the members parents.


We organized European Softball U16 Championship on Jarun. 49 games where played in 6 days. 13 National teams participated.

2020 - pandemic year

In time of lockdown we had zoom meetings, and our team got stronger. We managed to have a season and a lot of new players came in to club. For the first time we had over 21 players on the field.

2021. Dvije seniorske ekipe u klubu!

For the first time we had two senior women teams in Croatian competitions – Princ Yellow won 4th place and Princ Blue won all first places in Croatia.

2022. Safely to victory

In the year 2022, we managed to renew our vehicle fleet to ensure we can continue towards victories safely. We launched the ‘Safe to Victory’ campaign and secured a portion of the necessary funds to purchase a van!

Europski kup u Zagrebu- 2. mjesto

EUROPEAN CUP IN ZAGREB i 30 years of Princ

This year we won the Croatian, Zagreb Championship, and the Croatian Cup. After many years, we won the EUROLEAGUE and important 2nd place in the European Cup held in Zagreb! Our younger team won the 3rd place in the Croatian, Zagreb Championship, and the Croatian Cup!
Softball Klub Princ Zagreb Logo

Softball klub PRINC

In the club, we develop younger categories through various activities (kids camps, international tournaments, camps for older players, Euroleague), we achieve the goals of the club - committed working with young people to help them adopt healthy lifestyle which also forms the basis of sport life. Achieved trophies and successes are just a reflection of the invested effort.