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When you are an EVS volunteer, one of your tasks during the program is the preparation and implementation of your personal project. It may or may not be related with your EVS. I thought quite a lot about it and decided that it’s not going to be associated with softball and so on.

Since every day everything is all about softball (don’t get me wrong!:)), I figured out that we should have a bit of fun and try something new. I decided that the sewing workshop would be an interesting option (well for sure I would be interested in:D). I knew what I wanna do but didn’t know when I will complete the project because I was quite busy with my schedule, all the tournaments, trips, games and so on. It took me few months to think of that day, haha. The final day has arrived 😀 and I found out that I can connect it with 25th Anniversary of our Softball Princ Club (that I was in charge anyway:P). It was a great opportunity since I knew there might be quite a lot of people in a  different age (kids, teenagers, parents) at the same moment, in one place. All participants had the chance to sew a backpack for themselves.

The idea of sewing workshop was:

– to learn basic things about sewing,

– to gather people of all ages to have fun,

– to learn something new that you might never tried before,

– work on new skills (you never know when you will need that skill),

– to spend a quality time,

– to have a creative time,

– to learn latest methods and trends available to help achieve sewing and designing goals in few different types of sewing machines.

I would not be able to cope without support from Jolanta Butyńska from JUKI Europe Poland based in Warsaw ( and Kristina Matković from Kimateks based in Zagreb ( This cooperation went very well. Thank you very much for your time and the opportunity to carry out this project to the end with me.

I think all participants had fun and enjoyed doing their own backpacks 🙂

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