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On Friday 13.10.2017. began a friendly international tournament “Ball Game”.

The first game was played under the lights between Athletic (Bulgaria) and the Croatian junior national team.  Bulgaria’s teams won 9: 2. Immediately after, the princesses took a  game against Bulgaria juniors and won 27: 1.

On Saturday 10/14/2017 were played lots of excellent games. In good mood, the teams had driven the morning mist off, and the rest of the day we played at the beautiful weather. The games were played on two fields from the morning.  There was no lack of enthusiasm, but at the loss of the Princ from Athletic and Bologna, Princess ended the day in 4th place. The last game today between the Princ and the Croatian juniors ended unexpectedly by shutting down the lights but that did not stop the girls, using  cell phone lights and plenty of smiles, to finish the second day of the tournament.

The results of matches played on Saturday: Challengers – 11:13 AM – Bologna HSS juniors – 6 9 – Bulgaria juniors Athletic – 5 7 – Bologna Bulgaria juniors – 0:14 – Prince Prince – 7: 4 – Croatian juniors

Sunday found us in the fog, but soon after we were again at the sun shine terrain. We played for the rank. The day began with a game between Athletic and Prince. With a multitude of good hits, and excellent performance of princesses, Prince won by the score 16: 2, which put The Prince to the semifinals. In the semifinals, the Prince welcomed The Challengers from Switzerland. Ready to play, having more standard players than on Saturday, the Prince won 16: 0. Effort and will, paid off and Princ successfully returned to the top, one step away from winning the tournament. In the finals, the Princess was waited by New Bologna. The game was interesting and tense, but unfortunately, with tremendous will, desire and enthusiasm, the Prince lost concentration and Bologna proved to be much better prepared for the final. The final match ends 11: 3 in favor of the Italians, and The Princess got silver.

Finall ranking:

  1. New Bologna team
  1. Princ
  1. Challengares
  1. Athletic
  1. Croatian juniors
  1. Bulgarian juniors

The tournament ended in a great atmosphere. Bologna deservedly won the gold, The Princess won the silver and Challengers the bronze medal. Our juniors won the fifth place.

They played during two and a half days, at  two fields. Six teams – two teams from Bulgaria (junior  national team and The Athletics), Italy – The New Bologna, Switzerland –The  Challengers and from Croatia (The Princ and junior national team) the games were played under the fog,  sun and  the spotlights. There were played a total of 17 games.

Congratulations to all players and participants of the tournament.

That was truly a real softball weekend, it was fun.

This officially ended the season for our girls.

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