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The project “Volunteering for sport” continued in the form of a new project “Volunteering for sport 2”. It will be held in Zagreb at the Softball Club Princ.

Project-related activities begin on February 15th, 2021 and will run for 12 months. We are happy that two volunteers are joining our project this year as well, one from Slovenia and one from Slovakia. The aim of the project is to promote solidarity through sports and the activities of volunteers involved in the project. Through the project itself, we will also develop awareness of the topic of health through physical activities in young people and adolescents and the benefits of sports for general health. Volunteers will influence our athletes and the entire local community through various activities such as involving young people with fewer opportunities, activating children in and out of school for better physical activity, and various workshops, camps, practices. You will be able to follow the journey and the realization of the project through our social networks, where we will try to show all the work of volunteers and the club through the project and point out all the benefits that arise from it.

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Until now we have 2 projects of European Voluntary Service

2016 – A Project named „I volunteer for Sport“ has been carried out in Zagreb. The activity began on the 15th of February 2016. and lasted 12 Months. It included two volunteers, one from Spain and one from France

2017 – A Project named „Equality in Sport“ has been carried out in Zagreb. The activity began on the 11th of November 2017. and lasted 12 Months. It included two volunteers, one from Poland and one from Italy

Erasmus + Sport

Softball Club Princ is a partner in EU project with wich has secured a grant of over 58 000 euro for sport!

Through ERASMUS+ Sports: Small Collaborative Partnerships, for a project aimed to improve gender equality. The project titled Inclusion and Gender Equality Through Softball (IGETS) will bring together three softball clubs coming from different parts of Europe – Ghajnsielem Redcoats from Gozo, Malta, Olympia Haarlem from the Netherlands, and Softball Klub Princ Zagreb from Croatia. It will last for two years, the project involves the exchange of best practices relevant to gender equality in sports, efforts to encourage youths to play softball and sports in general, and to increase the participation rate in sports, especially among women and girls by working with key stakeholders. IGETS aims to increase the capacity-building of the three respective organisations and staff. The project also aims to create a lasting network of cooperation among the project partners. IGETS includes four transnational activities along with activities implemented by each partner in their respective country spread over two years.

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Youth Exchange

Youth Exchange 2017- SPORT XCHANGE

Youth Exchange “Sports Xchange” is held in Zagreb, from 3rd of January until 11th of January 2017. It involves participating partners from the Czech Republic and Croatia. Each partner is combined of a group of 30 young individuals, mostly between 13 – 18 years, of both sexes. The project aim is mutual education of young people with active participation in sports and volunteering in sports organizations. The focus is on the development of skills and competences by the sport, as well as raising awareness of healthy habits of young people. Achieving the objectives of workshops through teamwork, young people are enhancing sports skills and learning about breaking prejudices, how to respect others and their opinions, views and ideas and develop various forms of creative expression. They are developing respect and awareness for other cultures, enhancing their learning process and improving foreign language skills, but most important, enhancing awareness about themselves.

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Softball klub PRINC

In the club, we develop younger categories through various activities (kids camps, international tournaments, camps for older players, Euroleague), we achieve the goals of the club - committed working with young people to help them adopt healthy lifestyle which also forms the basis of sport life. Achieved trophies and successes are just a reflection of the invested effort.