European Cup 2017, Montegranaro


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This year as well as previous years we participated in the European Cup. Place of action- Montegranaro. On Saturday,19-th of August we gathered on our well known spot from where we headed on this long journey after a short coffee. Early on we already had „adventures“, rain, thuders and strong wind following us almost the entire night. After a long 18 hour trip we finally arrived in a small town named Amandola where we found our beautifull villa with a pool. Around ous was no one exept nice peace and quiet and a gorgeous view upon the lakes and hills. We instanly fell in love in this fairy tale like place. Sunday,we spend resting from a trip and waiting Monday to come when we had our first game. On our first day repertoar we would meet the Titans team from Botswana which are for the first time on this kind off European tournament. It was a historical moment and we had the honor of playing the very first game against this team. It is important to mention that we enriched our team with 3 more players,2 Americans and one Swede. Tara,My and Kaycee immediately became part of the team as if they play with us for years. Not only they are great players but also a lovely company! First game didn’t end well for us,unforunately. With a leaky bat, after 7 innings the score was 2:0 for the Titans. Although we expected from ourselves to win and being low-spirited we still had other games to play. Each of which was important for entering the top 4. After the official oppening,the next day we had an encounter with Russia. No needing to mention that Russian national team was in best top 4 national teams in Europe and so every game with them was tough. Nevertheless, we played great having 11 hits while they had 15. Unfortunately, it needed a little more luck and little less errors and the game would have ended in our favour, but sadly it didn’t. The game ended 8:7 for the Caroussel from Russia. Also, it was in the last inning that they scored. Even though we lost the game,we played great considering the opponent. At Wednesday we had two games. First against Slovakian team which we lost 4:1 and the second one was played under the spotlight against the host of tournament-Montegranaro(ITA). The game against Italians who are always strong, finished with the score of 6:3 in their favour. The most dominant team was a Spanish team,the Atletico San Sebastian. We confronted them the next day. After our game with them,they  still had zero losses. This was our greatest defeat on this tournament,10:3. Considering we had lost all the games so far, the best rank we could get was 5.-th place. On Friday we had a rematch with Botswana. Finally we played our game showing how we really play and were victorious with a score 5:0. Last day of tournament we spend enjoying the beach and by watching the finals between Spain
and Russia. The champion was Russia which celebrated with a score 9:4. After it,we said goodbye with the teams and headed back to Zagreb. Looking back at the tournament the results of those games didn’t show our real „face“. We had some great hits,extraordinary plays and excellent actions,unfortunatelly we nedeed a bit more luck. Even so,this European Cup will remain to us in a
beautifull memory. Time off the field we spend watching other games and at our wonderful villa. We swimmed in the pool,played board games,talked,cooked and enjoyed in each others company. With another European Cup behind us we’re expecting the rest of the season and our finishing tournament, Ball game. We all learned something in this period and made some new friends and
acquaintances. Next year we’ll fight even harder and be better and stronger. Miha

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