European Cup 2018, La Loggia, Italia


This year, as usual, we are looking forward to the European Cup that is getting closer and closer each day.
The venue for the European Cup is La Loggia in Italy, a town near Torino, from August 20th until August 25th. This year 10 teams will participate in the European Cup, and traditionally, one of them is ours.
Except our team Prince from Zagreb, on this tournament , there will also participate : Witches Asko Linz from Austria, Amager Vikings from Denmark, Hrabiny Wroclaw from Poland, Trnava Panthers from Slovakia, Fenix ​​Valencia from Spain, The Mix from Great Britain, La Loggia team as a tournament host , and yet unseen teams – the ISA which is coming even from New Zealand and Dinara from Botswana.
Because 10 teams are participating in the European Cup, groups had to be drawn for first part of competition..
The drawn groups are as fallows:

Amager Vikings (DEN)
Hrabiny Wroclaw (POL)
Princ Zagreb (CRO)
Trnava Panthers (SVK)
The Loggia (ITA)

Fenix ​​Valencia (ESP)
The Mix (GBR)
Witches Linz (AUT)
Dinara (BOT)

We like the group we are in, and we believe we have a great chance to achieve a good result.
We are very excited about this tournament, because we have been training regularly through the winter and still do throught the season. Until then, we will play matches in the Croatian Championship and Euroleague, which opens its door on April 21th until April 22th in Kunovice in Czech Republic. We are ready for the games and the season can begin

All other information regarding the tournament as well as the schedule of matches are available here:

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