During the months of November and December we definitely moved all the workouts to gyms, or indoor soccer fields, they are also more often now, the only day without practices is Wednesday.

We organized a couple of tournaments for the children, which lasted 2 full Sundays, during which I collaborated as a referee, among other things.

We also prepared ” EVS Game Night ” simply put all possible players in agreement to stay one day in the building of the organization to play different board games, with the snack / dinner on our part.

A couple of presentations at institutes, presenting both softball and very briefly the EVS, with the main goal of getting new players.

We also took part in a series of presentations at the city’s main sports center, commemorating its anniversary.

We set up a small booth where we explained to children or anyone interested in playing softball.

In another order, this past weekend I visited Pula with friends, a skateboarding championship in the city’s new skatepark. One of the best weekends I’ve spent in the EVS (Photo a little NSFW)


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Softball klub PRINC

In the club, we develop younger categories through various activities (kids camps, international tournaments, camps for older players, Euroleague), we achieve the goals of the club - committed working with young people to help them adopt healthy lifestyle which also forms the basis of sport life. Achieved trophies and successes are just a reflection of the invested effort.