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The long-awaited 4-day trip to the Split has come. On May 8th, my old/new friends and I left Zagreb by car to get to Split. Mid-term meeting for volunteers in Croatia was located in Vila Mikica Hostel and we loved it because of the distance to the Bačvice beach..less than 4 mins..couldnt be better!!! YAY!
The whole point of this meeting wasn’t about going to the beach even tho we all wanted to:P it was about how to fill our final report and Youthpass at the end of our service. We had a lot of workshops (inside & outside) that we actually enjoyed :)))


A really hard life of EVS 😛

After all the workshops we had time to explore the city of Split and since we had 2 volunteers doing their EVS in Split, we had the best tour guides ever 😉


 Riva Waterfront.


 View point on the little hill.



 Cathedral and Bell Tower of St. Domnius
 Peristyle, as the central square of the Palace.



Republic Sq known as Prokurativa, is a large open square located just west of Riva.

I had an amazing time with these beautiful, crazy and most creative people ever. I don’t think I could spend that time in a better way. Workshops, good conversations, lots of jokes, dancing salsa whenever we want to, singing. Big thanks to these 19 great souls. May we see again! xoxoxo

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