Yesterday, May 21, 2018, Jarun held softball game for parents. For the first time ever, they played softball parents vs. parent baseball. The club between Princ and Novi Zagreb started at 19 o’clock. One of the most attractive games this season has filled up the stands, from which it was reflected in the wicked windsurfing and grooming of the children. The players were very busy and moody to play, and with a lot of laughter and good fun they left the heart on the field. It was all that, from the overthrow, the home runs from both teams. They hit hard and ran even faster (we’re not sure if they were mosquitoes). Not having a muscle inflammation in the next week, with a multitude of sacrificed moves and despite being aware that the bases are not as close as they can, it is convincing the Prince was taken to victory. In line with our project, here we have promoted gender equality and the Erasmus + Sports Project: Inclusion & Gender Equality Through Softball and Equality in Sport. Namely, moms also played, and all this was just the beginning. Parents really liked this idea, and they already agreed on a new meeting that this time should play baseball.

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In the club, we develop younger categories through various activities (kids camps, international tournaments, camps for older players, Euroleague), we achieve the goals of the club - committed working with young people to help them adopt healthy lifestyle which also forms the basis of sport life. Achieved trophies and successes are just a reflection of the invested effort.