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This tournament will take place on October 13th –  14th, 2012 in Zagreb, Croatia. It’s open to all teams that are interested to play higher level games. We hope to have a good competition for your team since we invited teams from many european countries (Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Austria, Danmark) and of course hosting team Princ. Application are still open!

Hungary confirmed attendence.

Date: 13 th – 14th October (if there is interested in coming earlyer we will start tournament on friday night)

Place: Softball stadium Princ Zagreb (Jarun)
Food & drinks: on the field with reasonable prices
Umpires: we will provide our umpires, but if you have yours too, we would be glad to put them on the plate too…
Participation fee: 100 euro or 180 euro (Saturday&Sunday lunch and breakfast included)

The teams who are interested to participate should contact Petra Cizmic Pokrajac by e-mail: or by phone +385 98 956 1 488

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U Klubu razvijamo mlađe dobne kategorije kroz razne aktivnosti (kampove za djecu, međunarodne turnire, kampove za starije igrače, Euroligu) ostvarujemo ciljeve kluba – predan rad s mladima kako bi im pomogli u usvajanju zdravih životnih navika koje ujedno čine i osnove sportskog života. Osvojeni trofeji i postignuti uspjesi samo su odraz uloženog truda.