Holidays&Easter in Croatia

My very best friend -Maria, decided to visit me.

She stayed for 2,5 weeks and we had a chance to spend Easter together in my apartment. I couldnt be happier :))) Unfortunately the weather wasnt great so we had to change our travelling plans. Most of the days we were just chilling in the city or house. It was Maria’s first time in Croatia so she got excited about few things. For example how cheap coffee is in Zagreb haha and there are coffee shops and bakeries on every corner!!!!

We visited Museum of Illusions and different museum that Maria went on her own becasue Ive seen most of them in Zagreb:P
We had a countless visits in cafes, one of our favorite was in Najgora Kava u Gradu, which translates as The Worst Coffee in Town. Very good and unique marketing strategy :P:P
We had this great idea to walk around Jarun Lake, and so we did..but as pretty windy, we didnt expect that hhahahaha.
After couple of days in Zagreb, we decided to go to Plitvice Lakes and the weather surprised us !!!! However we were somehow prepared 😀
Only one trial was open and anyway people had problems walking in there:) some tourists almost freezed out there. They didnt have proper clothing and shoes! which make Maria and I,  laugh a lot. No socks? Tennis shoes?No winter shoes…really?:) crazy people living on this planet 🙂
Later on, we went for a weekend to Rijeka and the weather was much much better!!! It was very nice small city that we chilled by walking around, checking new plcaes, eating and enjoying nice sunny days!!!:)))
At the end of Maria’s staying in Zagreb, we celebrated Easter. Since we both dont eat meat, we prepared vegetarian Easter 😀 and we made a homemade cheescake with chocolate, yum yum.
I’m glad that Maria came and we could spend some time together:) can’t wait for more friends visiting me soon :)))
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