6th Ball game 2018

This weekend, the eighth Ball Game tournament was held on Jarun softball fields. Teams that participated were from Bulgaria (Athletic), Italy (Stars Ronchi) and Hungary (U22 national team). With a weekend full of softball games and a good atmosphere, we were surprised and very excited by warm and sunny weather. We won first place and didn’t lose a single game throught the entire tournament which concluded another successful season for us. We played the finals in our already known style, winning 8:7 in the seventh inning against Stars Ronchi. Big thank you to parents, older and younger players, coaches, fans, umpires, friends and everyone who contributed to this tournament, as well as this great season that brought us lots of practises, tournaments and beautiful memories.
Final Ranking of the Tournament:
1. Princ Zagreb
2. Stars Ronchi
3. Athletic
4. U22 Hungarian national team


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Softball Klub Princ

Softball Klub Princ je osvajač najviše prevenstava i kupova u seniorskoj ženskoj kategoriji. Najveći i najjači je klub s ovih prostora. Uz velika ulaganja i napore u svoje igračice, SK Princ ula...

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