EVS time on Women’s European Cup in La Loggia @Natalia

We took 4th place in the European Cup. You might think that the only preparation time is that specific 2 weeks before this big event but no, all girls worked so hard for the whole year to achieve that and even more. Of  course we had a dream to win gold 🙂 was close enough to give us all, the hope for the next year and years. We never give up and this whole tournament proved that. We showed impossible.

We had 5 wins in a row, some of the games we were losing until last inning but we won them…what a surprise for the teams that played against us. Unforunately we lost last 3 games but it doesnt matter because what matters is the common goal, atmosphere we created, fun, teammates and new friendships we made. We are so thankful to our pick up players: Makinna Akers and Julia Ferris, you rock girls! Big thanks goes as well to all the coaches, fans, friends that supported us for the whole online 😉

I am so thankful to the Princ Club that gave me this opportunity to be a part of it all. Great experience!<3
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Softball Klub Princ

Softball Klub Princ je osvajač najviše prevenstava i kupova u seniorskoj ženskoj kategoriji. Najveći i najjači je klub s ovih prostora. Uz velika ulaganja i napore u svoje igračice, SK Princ ula...

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