The year of EVS comes to an end, in fact it has happened much faster than I expected.

These last months we had a couple of championships with the children in which I acted as arbiter.

I spent Christmas here in Zagreb, only on the floor like a king, although my vacation ended a little earlier than usual in Spain because:

From January 3 to 11, we organized a YouthXchange project in collaboration with Erasmus +, bringing together 60 players of Softball in Zagreb with the intention of introducing them to the world of volunteering in the sport. Youthpass and met people from different parts of Europe who share their hobby.


These last weeks we have had the usual trainings, and last Friday (February 10) we had the farewell party in the organization.

At this point I can only prepare the suitcase, say goodbye to the rest of acquaintances not related to the organization and Wednesday 15 and I’m on the plane back home.


Softball Klub Princ Zagreb Logo

Softball klub PRINC

U Klubu razvijamo mlađe dobne kategorije kroz razne aktivnosti (kampove za djecu, međunarodne turnire, kampove za starije igrače, Euroligu) ostvarujemo ciljeve kluba – predan rad s mladima kako bi im pomogli u usvajanju zdravih životnih navika koje ujedno čine i osnove sportskog života. Osvojeni trofeji i postignuti uspjesi samo su odraz uloženog truda.