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I got very excited when Ive heard that Museum Night exist in Zagreb (just like in Warsaw). It’s an awesome evening that you can visit almost every museum or gallery for FREE. Who doesn’t like stuff for free?:P so Zagreb is not that big city…but guess what?..they have more less 34 museums to visit. Who knows maybe even more!!! Hard to count it. I’m not a huge fan of museums because I don’t feel very connected with art..but it was a pleasure to walk around with my friend – Martina and get to know croatian culture more. Some museums surprised me a lot!

Waiting in the line. Lets take a selfie :p
1. First object that visited was Zagreb 360* observation deck(view point), and there was the biggest line we had to wait. We went to the 16floor by elevator and upstairs was small 3D exibition. Normally you would have to pay 60kunas to get to the top. So was nice to see the view of the city.
2. Second was Muzej Poste i Telekomunikacija and I liked it the most. The guy was so nice and explained everything in english language (funny that croatians joined and listened and when he asked if he should repeat it in croatian language, they were all “no no we did understand:)”) , it felt so special;) and the sweetest thing that we experinced was that all people got dountas (pączki) and smth to drink haha:) was really interesting how first telephones worked in our world and how it changed.
3.Strossmayerova galerija starih majstora HAZU
I’m not into those kind of, unfortunately 🙂

4. Moderna galerija. Sometimes I dont understand modern art…really, I feel like I could do the same art pieces accident 😛

5. Povijesni muzej hrvatske – Zagreb.

6. Knijznica Hazu organized many different activities since they have..only books.

Process of making my frame 😀
7. Be proud – multimedia information center. We could read there about current and past croatian football players.

8. Posudionica i radionica Narodnih Nosnji

The traditional piece of uniform that was saying that Im rich and Im ready to get marry. It was very heavy and girls had to dance with this for couple of hours, the longer you lasted it meant that you re strong woman that can feed your family. Crazy rituals.
Softball Klub Princ Zagreb Logo

Softball klub PRINC

U Klubu razvijamo mlađe dobne kategorije kroz razne aktivnosti (kampove za djecu, međunarodne turnire, kampove za starije igrače, Euroligu) ostvarujemo ciljeve kluba – predan rad s mladima kako bi im pomogli u usvajanju zdravih životnih navika koje ujedno čine i osnove sportskog života. Osvojeni trofeji i postignuti uspjesi samo su odraz uloženog truda.