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Hi guys,

Be understanding, please:) it is my first time in my life, when I write any kind of a blog. I’m not sure about my english proficiency. Probably would be hard to do it in polish, but it’s even harder in english haha. So sorry about all mistakes already:P forgive me natives!!! 😉

Since 2015, I have been searching for an interesting EVS Erasmus+ project to participate at. I was actually struggling if I wanna stay in Poland or leave again my beautiful country. Almost two years took me to make a decision:) Finally found the perfect project “Equality in Sport” Croatia-Zagreb! Found it with a little help of my canadian baseball player friend Aaron(thanks!). I felt that I need other experiences, that’s why I decided to apply. I spoke thru skype with a lovely and helpful woman, Petra from receiving organization Softball Klub Princ. We got along immediately. At some point I wasn’t sure if I wanna go (because of the job I had here), Petra helped me to made a final decision. Thank you for that!!!

In my opinion this voluntary program matches with my interests, I used to play softball in Poland and USA. Hope when I will watch professionals at work, I could gain invaluable knowledge. I have been already organizing classes for children (in Poland, Greece and USA). I’m interested in how motivation is born, improved and sustained. What are the methods to do it. Hope I will learn more those kind of things. The project “Equality in Sport” seems to be very interesting for me. Moreover, I would like to travel if possible, discover croatian traditions and culture, make new friends, learn their language and broaden my mind. I think, Croatia is a great destination. I have never been in Zagreb, yet, so I’m super excited and enthusiastic about the new change and abilities it may bring. I am ambitious and I like new challenges. Being opened for different points of view helps me to solve problems in a creative way. Applying for this project is one of my best decisions. I was very active member of several organizations where I have turned out to be not only a useful member of a team but also a skilled leader. I understand the idea of education via developing individual skills and hobbies. Maybe some of mine will happen to be interesting for youngsters. I am passionate about working with people in the atmosphere of achieving common goals. Being part of a team which is creating familiar space for young people letting them grow would be interesting. At the end, I expect to become a better person and more happier person 🙂

Hope that this project allows me to look at things from a new perspective, that it will be a source of new ideas for not only my future and arouse enthusiasm for action for a given community.

You can find your own project here.

Wish me luck and an amazing 12 months in Zagreb. Let’s begin!!!

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