BALL GAME 14-16. Listopad

This weekend (14-16. th) we have our traditional tournament for the end of season BALL GAME.  This year we have BIIGGGG tournament – 8 teams 🙂 . For the first time we have Challengers from Switzerland, Thunders from Italy, Angles and the Athletics from Bulgaria, Slovenian National team, PV Praha from the Czech Republic, Croatia junior Team and us as hosts – PRINC! The tournament begins on Friday afternoon and ends Sunday evening. This year after many years and we have a party Saturday night!

Petak 14.10.2016.

GM# Start EndHome VS VisitorField
1 16:30 18:00HSS vs Athletics B
2 17:00 18:30Princ Zagreb vs PV Praha A
3 18:30 20:00Princ Zagreb vs Angels A
4 20:0021:30 Thunders vs AthleticsA

Subota 15.10.2016.

GM# Start EndHome VS VisitorField
5 09:00 10:30Princ Zagreb vs Challengers A
6 09:00 10:30HSS vs Slovenia B
7 10:30 12:00Angels vs Challengers A
8 10:3012:00 Slovenia vs ThundersB
9 12:0013:30 Angels vs PV PrahaA
10 12:0013:30 HSS vs ThundersB
11 13:3015:00 Challengers vs PV PrahaA
12 13:3015:00 Slovenia vs AthleticsB


A1 C1
A2 C2
B1 C3
B2 C4
A3 D1
A4 D2
B3 D3
B4 D4
GM# Start EndHome VS VisitorField
13 15:30 17:00C1 vs C3 A
14 15:30 17:00C2 vs C4 B
15 17:00 18:30D1 vs D3 A
16 17:0018:30 D2 vs D4B
17 18:3020:00 C2 vs C3A
18 18:3012:00 C1 vs C4B


C1 E1
C2 E2
C3 E3
C4 E4
D1 E5 
D2 E6
D3 E7
D4 E8

Nedelja 16.10.2016.

GM# Start EndHome VS VisitorField
19 09:00 10:30D2 vs D3 B
20 10:00 11:30E1 vs E2 A
21 10:30 12:00D1 vs D4 B
22 11:3013:00 E3 vs E4A
23 12:0013:30 E7 vs E8B
24 13:0014:30 L(#24) vs W(#23)A
25 13:3015:00 E5 vs E6B
26 14:3016:00 W(#24) vs W(#25)B
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