4th month in the Croatian capital, after complaining last month of the excessive rain, summer came with desire. It has still rained a lot these last few weeks, but the days of sun and heat are killer, and they say it will be even worse in July and August …
Let’s leave the weather aside, let’s talk about food:
Here it is very usual to eat while You go somewhere, either walking or tram, there are fast food stalls and especially the bakeries, which are very cheap, you can buy food for one day for 10 kunas (€ 1.30)
The truth is no I have tried most of the traditional Croatian meals, but I do not feel like it, the more I describe them, the less I feel like it.

In the next episode, the summer camp of the princ club and the trip to Slovenia with the baseball team.

Vidimo se.

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Softball Klub Princ

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