Benefits of team sport for kids


Team sport can bring to kids benefits which individual sport cannot. Of course, any kind of sport has a lot of benefits whether it is individual or team, but team sport is not only about physical activity itself, developing muscle strength or be healthier. So, let’s look at the other benefits team sport offer to kids.

Teamwork and communication skills – teamwork is one of the most beautiful things about team sport. Young athletes gain an ability to work with others. Any team sport cannot exist without communication with each other’s. Kids improve their communication skills through the team sport and use this ability in real life. They learn how to get along with kids with different personalities, even with teammates they might not necessarily like. They will bring these skills with them throughout their entire lives. It will  benefit them when they get older and must work with others at their jobs.

Self-esteem and confidence – being part of a team allows kids to give and receive praise and receiving recognition from a teammate or coach shows acknowledgment for their effort and consequently will boost self-esteem and confidence. Simple high-five or thumbs up can help build self-confidence.

Relationships – because of the social aspect of team sports, kids learn how to handle themselves better in social situations. They develop a sense of friendship and community, allowing them to maintain and nurture stronger relationships.

Belonging – a sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter. Team sport gives kids opportunity of feeling to be an important part of group, belong and fit somewhere.

Leadership – all children have the potential to develop leadership skills. But a lot of them do not have many chances to try improving their leadership skills. And this is exactly what can be improved in team sport – learn to be leader.

Respect – team sports teach kids to respect others – their teammates, coaches, umpires, staff…They learn good sportsmanship and to also treat their opponents respectfully, whether they lose or win.

Sharing – this is a unique about being a part of the team. Kids learn how to share a space with others (playing area, locker rooms). They can also share equipment, or even food.:). So, it is another good attribute kids can gain by playing team sport.

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