Lenka first week in Zagreb

It was the 15th of February, and time for me to embark on a new adventure!

My trip to Croatia took around five hours and I had little problems with the Hungary police. Thankfully, Google translate stepped in and saved the day. When I arrived to Zagreb, two local coaches (Petra and Nikica) were already waiting for me, and they welcomed me with big smiles 😊. First, they showed me an apartment where I will live for the  next year with another volunteer named Patrik from Slovenia. The apartment is located in a beautiful part of Zagreb – Špansko. In this location, there is a lot of parks and playgrounds for kids. It´s amazing! In the first week we already had three practices in the big gym all together with both boys and girls. Our practices consisted of softball skills and weight lifting twice a week. Currently, in Slovakia we are unable to practice, play and compete in softball. With that being said,  I am very happy now that I can train. I feel like I am in heaven. I cannot wait to get on the field and begin this new season! 😀

Another fun thing I was able to do was assist on trainings for children! Kids are allowed to practice only outside, so Patrik and I were helping with two trainings last week. The children are really cute, and I can´t wait to have another practice with them!


One final thing I want to share is that the club organised a hiking trip on Sunday. They took us to Sljeme which is the tallest peak of Medvednica which is located near Zagreb. Overall, people here are very friendly and I really enjoy it here so far!


Lenka first week in Zagreb

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