My frist week in Zagreb – Patrik


I have arrived in Zagreb, 15 February, my train arrived at 18 o’clock and I was awaited by Nikica and Petra, my coaches from the club in which I train. The club Princ. My first step was to be put in my apartment in which I was going to live. I’m very glad to be near the club. They told me a little bit about the life in the city and the neighbourhood in which I live is named Špansko. I also have a roommate from Slovakia her name is Lenka. I’m glad I don’t live alone and I’m even more glad that I live with someone who is going through the same experience I am, so we can exchange experiences.

After that I was escorted to practice. First practise was very important to me because I met the whole team, I really like them because they accepted me, just like Nikica and Petra. That’s why my first impression was very good! The practise was at Velesajam, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. On one hand good organisation and great atmosphere and on the other hand the intensity of practice – I see that I have to work on my form.

According to my schedule Tuesday is the day I am free, and that was a chance for me to unpack my things, arrange everything and set up the apartment. Other than that I was especially happy because I went sightseeing. The centre of Zagreb is very pretty, I walked on Gornji grad, I saw the cathedral and the main square, Ban Jelačić Square. I would say I used my free days very well, later that day some girls from the club came so we got to know each other a little bit better through conversation.

A chance at practice I had already on Wednesday, I went with my team to the gym where coach Davor showed me everything and kindly explained to me how to use the machines and the concept of practice. On Thursday we decided to take care of the bureaucratic things so we went to the police and the bank to get registered and to take care of all the paperwork. It wasn’t the most fun day of the week, but it’s important to be here legally. After that we helped Davor who held the practice for kids. Lenka and I make sure that the kids were doing the exercises properly and learning from Davor. Later that day it was time for our practice at school in Oranice.

I reserved Friday for orientation in the city, searching for stores and other important things so it would be easier for me to get around. In the evening we had gym and with that we ended the day.

The weekend started with practice at school, Saturday morning, and then Lenka and I helped Davor with kids at practice on Jarun again. We spent Sunday on Sljeme, and we were sightseeing around Zagreb again and as a group we got to know each other better through walking and hiking.

The first week was very good, I really liked the whole team and my colleagues, I was warmly and kindly accepted, the practices are diverse and strong. I enjoy myself here, and my first impression is definitely positive.

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