Results 13th of Ball Game tournament

The 13th autumn softball tournament in Zagreb has ended. A total of 10 teams from 5 countries and 27 games – the biggest so far!

In two and a half days, we played a lot of games, the teams were divided into two groups, in which they played against each other. After all of Friday and Saturday, standings where known and for which place they could fight. We as a team with an older team were the first in the group, although we lost the game, but since the round was closed, we managed to finish first. Our second team, as we expected, was the last in the group, it is a team of girls who are just learning to play and are gathering the experience needed for future wins.

At the end of the tournament, we didn’t manage to win the first game for the final, the Bulgarian national team was stronger, but we won the game for third place with Nina on pitching. This tournament young girls showed – girls who are 17 and 18 years old were in the most important positions and leaded our team. This showed the bright future that will come.

The tournament was excellent, full of excellent plays, teams, players and coaches enjoyed the wonderful weather.

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