Finally the softball season started.. @elisa blog

Finally the softball season started, in fact last weekend we played our pre-season tournament, the 11th edition of ForEver Fastpitch, a softball tournament organized by the softball club Princ, it was the biggest ForEver Fatpitch tournament ever, with 9 teams from 6 different countries, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden and Italy. I enjoyed every second of it, I had so much fun playing with my new team and at the end after a really tough final we won second place on the competition. I think we did a really good job and it’s rewarding when you play good after all the hard work of the winter, I think this tournament was very good for us, we had the opportunity to know each other better, it was the first time that we played together as a team and to know how much each of us can give to the team. During this tournament I felt immediately accepted in the team, I think that every team is like a second family and i really miss my italian softball family, but i’m so happy to be a part of the Princ family and I can’t wait to continue this journey with them, to continue to play and have fun with them.

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Softball Klub Princ

Softball Klub Princ je osvajač najviše prevenstava i kupova u seniorskoj ženskoj kategoriji. Najveći i najjači je klub s ovih prostora. Uz velika ulaganja i napore u svoje igračice, SK Princ ula...

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