Patrik first month in Zagreb


After the first week, arriving in Croatia, in which we’ve done all the important stuff, like documents and living arrangements, I’ve been introduced to the team and the coach. Everything was looking up, going smoothly. I’ve been accepted in Zagreb, and I’ve accepted the city and club as well, because everyone is so nice and wants to help.

The only exception to this was the week COVID-19 was discovered in the club, which led to all contacts being put in quarantine. I was one of them. This was pretty challenging, because I was bored and had to learn how to make my time useful, but I know the measures were wise for the sake of prevention.

A beautiful memory this month would surely be the people I’ve met through Facebook. They’ve come to Croatia through the Erasmus program. I’m glad to have met these new friends, that we’ve had fun, played football and hung out. But – speaking about sports – one of the highlights is definitely the fact that I’ve become familiar with Softball rules and started enjoying the game more and more.

My weeks are fully filled and organised well, I like the rhythm and dynamics of commitments and rest. It’s become a lot easier because I’ve managed to acquaint myself with the town and I’m getting by better and better. In conclusion, I’d say my first month has passed by nicely, smothly, and I hope the rest of my stay will be just as good. Especially because we’re getting good and warm weather, so training will be outside. Spring has already made Zagreb prettier and I’m excited about all the new adventures it brings.

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