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Urgent call for an Italian volunteer for 1 year EVS project in Zagreb, Croatia!
Please, take a look and, in case of interest, writte an email on: info@softball-princ.hr

Age limit: 18-30
Project start date: 14th of November 2017 
Project end date: 13th of November 2018
Sending organization: YouNet NGO – more info here

Tasks of the volunteers

Coaching youth and tournaments 

In the summer season, which lasts from April to June, every weekend we have tournaments and games youth, cadets, juniors and seniors. At each tournament volunteers should prepare the field for playing. Depending on which age group has tournament, volunteer would have different tasks.

If it is youth tournament volunteer would help with the organization of children, that everyone has everything they need, the help in the game, watch for time and score. He/she would coach games during tournament.  In games cadets would have a similar task considering that some players from the youth have the right to play for cadets. In games juniors, he/she would support coach with keeping statistics. In games of seniors or senior, if a volunteer has such desires could and play, so he / she give the opportunity to test or to practice sports. With playing he/she would be part of the team, and with it she/he would gain more experience  for coaching. It all depends on knowledge and preferences of volunteer.

Organizing club events

  • search on internet and making email database for the invitation
  • making invitation for the tournament with designer
  • making newsletter
  • sending invitation
  • coordination of teams and tournament
  • helping in making schedule of the tournament
  • helping in logistics – finding hostel/hostel for visiting teams
  • during the tournament, helping in maintenance of the field
  • documenting games – photo and with camera
  • writing news about tournament – update social media and website
  • introducing tournament to media in zagreb and Croatia
  • making presentation to the clubs on tournament about volunteering and EVS
  • making follow up on tournament

Language course

We will organize language course in one of the language schools or we will pay instrutor of Croatia to learn volunteer Croatian.

Intercultural workshops

Volunteer will organize workshops, presentations about his country, language, culture. Once a week members and volunteer would meet and spend time together. Workshops would be different, depending on wishes of the volunteer. Teaching the mother tongue of the volunteer could be one of them. Depending on preferences of volunteer.

Presentation of softball in schools

Two hours a week, represented physical education in schools is not enough to maintain the health of young people, but the inclusion of the club in the school that could lead to an adequate level. The idea is that a volunteer helping our coach in the presentation of sport within the school for each class.  A volunteer could explain to children the presentation of what you can get from the sport. In this way would be a volunteer involved in the local community. The main outcome should be the learning of all children in the community about the variety of sports, and in this case with a stronger acquaintance of softball. Of course, this would also increase the number of youth in our organization. A volunteer would have the opportunity to present volunteering to children as a way of learning and knowledge transfer.

Marketing / web update / office hours

  • update the website with results of games
  • publish news of events
  • photograph games, and put it on webisite
  • collecting, storing, sending documents for registration of players
  • history of softball in Croatia – digitalization of VHS recording – archive
  • working on film about it

At least once a week volunteer would work in the office. We would teach him/her how to update the website of the club, to enter results of games and publish news of  the events that took place throughout the week, and they will work on the announcement of new events. They would be responsible for the social network.

At events such as the anniversary of the club or tournaments one of the tasks of the volunteer would be the photographing and recording of the games, and putting it all to website, social network, publishing newsletters, and archive for the club. For this task, the volunteer would  increase their digital competence. In this way we will teach volunteers how to promote softball and volunteering with using new media. Except that, they would be responsible for collecting, storing and sending of documents for registration of players.


  • maintenance of the field
  • sometimes mowing grass
  • cleaning turf from the grass on the field
  • after a lot of rain, draining the field
  • cleaning equipment

What you can get out of this project

  • personal and professional growth as a volunteer
  • growth of capacities of local and international organisations using nonformal education in your daily activities
  • inclusion and tolerance towards new cultures
  • recognition of volunteering and nonformal education
  • the Youthpass Certificate – a document that proves competences and skills gained during this project.
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