Euroleague 2018 – record in numbers – 10 teams from 6 countries!

For the fifth year in a row, Euroleague will be played in Central Europe. Euroleague started as a project with six teams from three countries – Croatia, Slovakia and Hungary.

An Austrian team joined Euroleague in 2015, fallowed by Czech team which joined in 2016. In just three years Euroleague grew from six participants to eight. This year we have some newcomers – team Kunovice from Czech Republic, Angles from Bulgaria and two teams from Serbia – Alligators and Wild Cats!

In the 2018 season, five tournaments will be played – two in Slovakia (in May and October), one in Czech Republic (in April), one in Zagreb (June) and one in Bulgaria (September). There will be 45 regular games and 16 playoff games.

The project is recognized by the European Softball Federation and ESF is working to outspread it to other regions.

Teams participating in the 2018 Euroleague are:

Croatia    – Lady Pirates, Princ Zagreb
Slovakia  – Trnava Panthers, Apollo Bratislava
Hungary  – Budapest Astros, Budapest Reds
Serbia      – Wild Cats, Alligators
Czech Republic – Kunovice
Bulgaria   – Angels

Tournament schedule:

April 21-22 – Kunovice
May 12-13 – Slovakia
June 02-03 – Zagreb
September 01-02  – Bulgaria
October 06-07 – Slovakia – FINAL TOURNAMENT

If you are interested in joining us in 2019, please contact us!

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