Mid-term evaluation meeting, Orahovica 26. – 29.10.2021


In the end of October 26.-29-10.2021 Patrik an I took a part in Mid-term in Orahovica. You are maybe asking what it is. Mid-term evaluation is a kind of a meeting of volunteers from different countries volunteering in various part of Croatia and their projects are heading to the end. I spent four amazing days in nice surrounding and met twenty great people. Among those four days we attended several sessions for different topics. We had a space for introducing our projects to other participants of meeting, think about them and define possibilities for improvement.

We shared personal experiences with each other, identified problems, our difficulties or conflicts we face and received support and clues to solve these problems. We also received information and guidance on opportunities after the period of activity. For one day was planned open space program. It meant that if anybody wanted to lead workshop for any topic that was the day for that. I took this opportunity and organized workshop on theme, what else than “softball” (of course, ha-ha). I never miss the chance to spread softball if it is possible. A lot of people wanted to try, but unfortunately, I did not bring any equipment, but we managed to play at least simple version of our beautiful sport, besaball5. People enjoyed it and I was glad to share at least little piece of what I love with them.

I am glad that we had an opportunity to attend this event. Patrik and I were invited by two volunteers to Osijek for the weekend and we accepted that invitation, so it was a perfect end of our seven days trip.


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