From 26-29 of October we attended a mid term in Orahovica with other volunteers in Croatia. We had a nice diversity of workshops and a really great group. We discussed many of our own challenges in the European Solidarity Corps and share our experiences in the project. We talked about many opportunities after the project and how we already did influence the community and how we can continiue after. Of corse, we did not just work so we had time to get to know each other after the workshops, which meant a lot to me because I was able to meet some great people from all around europe. I really enjoyed the mid term, not just the volunteers but staff as well was great, our trainers put the best effort to make us feel comfortable and pass all informacion needed.

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Softball klub PRINC

U Klubu razvijamo mlađe dobne kategorije kroz razne aktivnosti (kampove za djecu, međunarodne turnire, kampove za starije igrače, Euroligu) ostvarujemo ciljeve kluba – predan rad s mladima kako bi im pomogli u usvajanju zdravih životnih navika koje ujedno čine i osnove sportskog života. Osvojeni trofeji i postignuti uspjesi samo su odraz uloženog truda.